Wedding Exit Ideas

People always ask me what besides rice are some other wedding exit ideas?

Try some of these ideas: Sparklers, bubbles, balloon release, glow sticks waving, ring little bells, throw paper airplanes, bounce super balls, beach balls, throw dried lavender, bird seed, confetti, fake snow, flower pedals, glitter, multi colored sprinkles, cone of leaves, shake clappers, shoot off Nerf pop rockets, pop party poppers, shake streamers on sticks, pom poms, or school shakers or shoot off fireworks or roman candles. Then there is always a dove or butterfly release or release of paper lanterns.
Always remember to check with your venue to see what they allow.

Heart-shaped balloon release at Dan and Emilia’s wedding, Huntsville. Photo by Cocoa L Photography

Super ball send off was exciting at Brittany and Shawn’s wedding in TN.

Streamers on a stick added to the fun at Jennifer and Matt’s wedding, Decatur. Photo by April Stanley Photography

Lantern send off at Kortni and Nathan’s wedding, Huntsville

Glow necklaces waving at Marie and Jeff’s wedding, Mooresville. Photo by Kerry Brooks

Paper airplanes were a fly’n at Kari and Clay’s airplane themed wedding, Mooresville. Photo by Lauren Tomasella Photography

¬†Shakers and rose pedals at Katie and Kyle’s wedding, Huntsville. Photo by Green Tree Photography

Roman Candles made for a dramatic exit at Tessa and Adam’s wedding, Smith Lake. Photo by Amy Boston

Rose Pedal exit brings a laugh at Bethany and Bradley’s wedding, Mooresville. Photo by Green Tree Photography

Bird seed toss at Elly and Hunter’s wedding, Huntsville. Photo by Little Acorn Photography

Sparkler exit and dance by Anita and Scott, Bahamas. Photo by Angela Karen Photography

If you need sparklers, ask me for special pricing.

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